First of all thank you for any help you can give me. I want to be able to dynamically activate/deactivate the status of a partner.

On each status change, a Bootstrap modal opens.
It works the first time but as soon as I click on the input again the modal opens but the action no longer works. I need to refresh the page. And I'm stuck on this issue...

// Activation ou désactivation dynamique d'un partenaire

//On boucle sur les input
document.querySelectorAll(".form-switch-statut-partenaire input").forEach(input => {
    input.addEventListener("change", () => {

        //On récupère l'url de la route edit-statut
        const Url = input.dataset.path;

        const Modal = document.getElementById('exampleModal')
        const Footer = Modal.getElementsByClassName('modal-footer')[0].children[1]

        Footer.addEventListener("click", () => {

            $("[data-dismiss=modal]").trigger({ type: "click" });
            //On lance la requête ajax
            .then((response) => {
                return response.json()
            }).then(data => {
                const content = document.querySelector('#formCheck');
                content.innerHTML = data.content;
            }).catch((err) => console.log('Erreur : '+ err));     

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