I would like to integrate the ACL system into my project

indeed I have an application to manage the stock and I would like to be able to manage the users using the ACLs.

in the past I have already had to create applications by managing rights manually thanks to scripts I had set up but more and more adapted these scripts to programs becomes a little chaotic and suddenly I would like to be able to do with ACLs.

I am using cakephp 3.0.6

having done some research I came across this tutorial which explains how to integrate ACLs into a project in the form of a plugin


I followed the tutorial until the end of May I encountered an error

AclNode :: node () - Couldn't find Aros node identified by "Array ([Aros0.model] => Groups [Aros0.foreign_key] => 1)"

I do not know where and in which file to find the error anyone has any idea?

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