I have Mint 17 loaded on my HP Pavillion dv7 (1273d) and this is the first time I've taken it out on the road. I'm in a hotel and want to watch a dvd movie that will play on my laptop on the nice HDTV in my hotel. I hooked the HDMI cable from my computer to the TV and switched the TV output to the correct setting. The desktop background shows up on the TV but nothing else does, no taskbar, no icons, no mouse pointer. Just the background. It seems like this should be something easy but I can't figure out what it is. I went into the display setting thinking my issue might be there. The TV I'm plugged into shows up there but that's it. I've tried googling for an answer but I don't seem to be able to phrase my request properly because I keep getting responses for no sound.
Anyway, any help you give will be appreciated. Thank you.
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Don't know if you still have your issue, but what you describe is just a Display misconfiguration.
Go to your Settings > Display: you'll see both of the two screens (the one of your laptop and the TV screen), and then you can choose either to extand your workspace on the second screen (the current configuration you're describing: you have a display aside the other one, so you can move your windows & mouse from one screen to another switching by passing through the edge) or to mirror your displays (checkbox "Mirror displays") if you want to see the same thing on the TV screen that on your laptop.

Hoping that helped